Tokarev 2014 Free

Tokarev 2014

Paul Maguire (Nicolas Cage) and his buddies Kane (Max Ryan) and Doherty reside a existence of crime. A single evening, they ambush a Russian mobster, intercepting him when he’s on his way to drop off revenue to his manager. The acquire is a great deal larger than they imagined alongside with a Russian gun known as a Tokarev, they get absent with a briefcase comprehensive of dollars. It’s sufficient for Paul to go away the existence of crime and go legit, but their crime sets off a bloody protracted war amongst their Irish crime relatives and the Russian mob. Paul instructs his mates to disguise the revenue until things tranquil down amongst their outfit and the Russians. In spite of several casualties on each sides, their approach will work well 5 years after thieving the revenue, Paul, Kane and Doherty fulfill to break up up the acquire.

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