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one. Broken Age: Act two

Broken Age Act 2 Linux

Broken Age: Act two is a good, pleasurable, complicated cap to Double Fine’s Kickstarted adventure. Even now just as lovely and nicely-created, Act two is almost two times as very long as its predecessor. It ups the ante with shocking new characters, intriguing story reveals, and some genuinely ingenious puzzles for the most section.


two. Energy Hook

Energy Hook Linux

Energy Hook is a grapple-and-swing-and-run-on-walls-for-design sport by Jamie Fristrom, creator of the Spider-Guy two sport. In this motion sport based on a futuristic activity, you use an electricity hook — a tractor-beam device generally applied in building re-purposed by youthful athletes out for a thrill — to make the stays of the planet your personal excessive underground playground.


3. Dex

Dex Linux

Dex is an indie video clip sport made and released by Dreadlocks Ltd. It is an Open planet facet-scrolling motion purpose-enjoying sport established in a cyberpunk planet. The sport was produced in 2015 and was funded on Kickstarter.


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    April 21, 2016 at seven:33 am

    Performs good. Many thanks for sharing extremezone! I will seed to 10. ratio I’m on 3.27 now ?

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    Excellent torrent. Performs 100%. Love this sport!!! I’m addicted now!!

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    Thanx extremely awesome Video game!

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    Very Nice Video game! Many thanks

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    Many thanks for this. It operates fine for me.

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