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Colonia is a 2015 historical passionate thriller film directed by Oscar-winner Florian Gallenberger, generated by Benjamin Herrmann, penned by Torsten Wenzel and Gallenberger, and starring Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl, and Michael Nyqvist. The film is set against the backdrop of the Chilean military coup and the actual “Colonia Dignidad”, a infamous cult in the South of Chile, led by German lay preacher Paul Schäfer. The film is an intercontinental co-output of firms in Germany, Luxembourg, and France.

Principal photography commenced on two Oct 2014 in Luxembourg filming also took position in Germany and Argentina. It was revealed in the Distinctive Presentations area of the 2015 Toronto Intercontinental Film Festival.

In 1973, a young few grow to be entangled in a Chilean military coup at a time when there is substantially protest on the streets against Standard Augusto Pinochet. When Daniel is abducted by Pinochet’s secret law enforcement DINA, Lena tries to discover and preserve her boyfriend. She tracks him to a sealed-off firm called “Colonia Dignidad”, which provides itself as a charitable mission operate by a lay preacher, Paul Schäfer. Lena joins the firm to rescue her boyfriend, only to understand it is a cult from which no a single has at any time escaped. She later finds Daniel, who functions disabled. Daniel discovers the firm is also an unlawful functions centre for DINA. Lena and Daniel try to escape from Colonia Dignidad alongside with Ursel, a pregnant nurse. Ursel receives killed and both of those Lena and Daniel escape to German embassy. Staff members from the embassy betray them but the lovers exit the place through a airplane with incriminating photographic proof against Colonia Dignidad.

On 29 September 2014, it was declared that Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl would star as a few in the upcoming film which is based mostly on a accurate story, directed by Florian Gallenberger who co-wrote the script with Torsten Wenzel. Benjamin Herrmann would be producing the film by way of Majestic Filmproduktion, and Nicolas Steil would co-produce by way of Iris Productions. Kolja Brandt would be director of photography, and Hansjörg Weißbrich would be the film editor. On 27 Oct, Michael Nyqvist joined the film to star as Paul Schäfer.

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